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Cross-Linking Capabilities

The NEO Beam facility provides many options when it comes to cross-linking various products. We have a cart conveyer system for cross-linking boxed products and a reel-to-reel system for cross-linking tubing. The cart system gives us the ability to cross-link products in a variety of shapes and sizes while the reel-to-reel system enables cross-linking of different tubing sizes. There is also a small sample handling system to aid in cross-linking samples for research and evaluation. NEO Beam is able to maintain an equal amount of control over the cross-linking percentage for boxed products and tubing alike by using these systems.

Cart conveyer system for cross-linking boxed products

Cart Conveyor System for Boxed Products

Reel-to-reel system for cross-linking tubing

Reel-To-Reel System for Tubing

Irradiation cross-linking is an environmentally friendly and green method and has many advantages over alternative cross-linking methods.

  • No methyl alcohol contamination. Merflex PEX-C products out perform other PEX products in odor and taste test comparisons.
  • Cross-linking percentage can be controlled to a high degree. Cross-linking stops once the product is finished with the irradiation process.
  • PEX-C process is simple. Other processes must control factors including moisture, temperature, time and chemical additives.
  • Colors can be easily incorporated.
  • Irradiation process sterilizes the tube.
  • Extrusion rates can be maximized, potentially reducing cost.
  • Tube OD and wall thickness can be controlled and monitored to create a high level of consistency and quality.