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What is NEO Beam and What Does it Mean to You?

NEO Beam is an electron beam cross-linking facility owned and operated by Mercury Plastics, Inc. This 25,000-square-foot facility houses a five megavolt electron beam that serves all of Mercury Plastics' irradiation cross-linking needs. We have also invested in a materials characterization and dosimetry laboratory to facilitate research and development of new materials.

Investing in this electron beam cross-linking facility has allowed Mercury Plastics to gain significant experience and expertise in cross-linking a myriad of polymers. As a result, we are able to produce top-quality products at the lowest possible cost with a much shorter lead-time. We are continually researching and developing new materials such as our PEX OT® family of materials for potable water applications and PAX ETG61 which has many benefits over Nylon 11 and Nylon 12. Our PEX OT® line of materials delivers superior performance in taste and odor tests over LDPE, HDPE and competitive PEX materials.

Electron beam cross-linking sterilizes the tubes making it useful for healthcare, food and potable water applications. The use of this method allows Mercury Plastics to maintain consistency, quality, a high level of control over the cross–linking process and minimal turn around time.

Materials Characterization Laboratory at the NEO Beam Facility

Materials Characterization Laboratory

Dosimetry Laboratory at the NEO Beam Facility

Dosimetry Laboratory